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BuyThis 1.0

Some copy that instantly gets you interested in owning this product! And hopefully get you to click on the button below to learn more about BuyThis 1.0, Go ahead, click the button now!


You need BuyThis 1.0

Reason why people buy something: they need it. Sometimes they don't know they need it, so write some clever copy that tells them why they need BuyThis 1.0, and why they need to click on the arrow below now!!!


BuyThis 1.0 is convenient

Another reason people buy something is for convenience. It just makes their lives easier enough to be worth the expeenditure. So write something here that shows them why BuyThis 1.0 is convenient and will make their lives better! How? By clicking the arrow below right now!


You’ll be sorry if you don’t buy!

Another reason people buy is FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out. Tell them about other people who bought BuyThis 1.0 and how their lives have improved dramatically. Then explain how they'll miss out on all this fun if they don't buy it too! How? By clicking on the arrow below for more info, that's how!

Social validation • fomo stimulation


I just generated the following images from a recent Wordpreneur Toolbox find: the Avataaars Generator. The names are from another cool Toolbox find, the Fake Name Generator. Go check them out. They're both free!

BuyThis 1.0 Purchase Information

Buy! Buy! Buy!

only $107,289

Now for the hard sell stuff, along with some pretty darned important items in the features list below. And don't forget, make a really strong case that they really really really need to buy it now!

  • Here's a feature they can't live without.

  • Here's another they'll absolutely love!

  • And for the coup de grace, a feature that will make their exes wish they never broke up with them!

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